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“Speak Your Truth - The Power of Your Voice” Workshop


In this inspirational workshop, students will learn about Chanelle’s journey as a vocalist and artist, and the importance of expressing yourself in the face of adversity. Students are taught that every individual’s voice is unique.


Students will learn about the seven energy centers of the body and what each one represents, and then focus on their vocal energy centre. They learn that their vocal energy center becomes damaged when they gossip or say mean things about one another, so a strong anti-bullying and anti-cyber bullying message is woven into this workshop. Conversely, the vocal energy center is strengthened when students speak their truth, express themselves, communicate clearly and speak kind words to one another.


Students will participate in different vocal exercises in a fun group setting and finish with group songs. They are left with vocal exercises and resources so that they may continue their vocal journey on their own time.  Studies have shown that singing has profound benefits on mental health and wellness. It lowers cortisol, the stress hormone in the body, while increasing dopamine and endorphins, leaving the singer with an increased sense of calm and happiness. It also gives the singer an outlet to move through their emotions and express them in a healthy manner. Students also learn to sing in different languages which enhances cognitive function.

Magician & The Muse Magic Show


Become spell bound by this dynamic duo’s mind-bending, soul-stretching illusion show that will leave you amazed, astounded and enchanted. This is a 1 hour Las-Vegas style magic show you won't want to miss! Followed by Sean Watson's "Motivational Magic" workshop.


Sean Watson's "Motivational Magic" Workshop


This is a fun and inspiring hands-on workshop that encourages students to be all they can be. Sean Watson connects with students as he explains his struggles in school as a child with a speech impediment and learning disabilities such as A.D.H.D. The workshop promotes peer acceptance, overcoming adversity and believing in oneself. His performance is filled with laughter, magic, music and audience participation, and students walk away knowing how to perform magic tricks of their own. Sean delivers a powerful message that staff and students alike understand and relate to. Students learn how to set goals, break through barriers and gain confidence. They focus on directing their own unique gifts and talents down a path that will lead them to a bright future. Sean uses magic and illusion to help students visualize that anything is possible if you just believe.

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"Basketball Camp" 

Chanelle Munroe , a prominent figure in Canadian basketball with a remarkable journey from being one of the top 3 basketball players in Canada to clinching the MVP title at the Jewish Olympics, leading Team Canada to gold. With a passion for the game and extensive experience, [Your Name] brings a wealth of knowledge from running basketball camps in Winnipeg and the Iverbe sports camp in Los Angeles. Leveraging insights gained from elite competitions, [Your Name] encourages students to pursue excellence in basketball through participation in events like the North America Indigenous Games and the All Native Basketball Tournament. At the Movement is Medicine Basketball Camp, [Your Name] fosters skill development, teamwork, and fitness, empowering students to excel both on and off the court.

“Indigenous Art Therapy” Workshop 


This workshop gives students an appreciation and skillset to observe and create fine art while also learning about different Indigenous cultures across Turtle Island. This helps to strengthen cultural identity and gives students more confidence in their roots, who they are, and where they come from. 


Chanelle’s mother Leesa, who was Metis Cree, used to teach this very program and received a Starblanket and Eagle feathers for her work in the community. Before she passed, she handed down this workshop and teachings to Chanelle.


Students will learn about traditional forms of Indigenous art, compare and contrast them with contemporary innovative pieces of Indigenous art. We do not know where we are going unless we know where we came from. This exercise encourages youth to create their own art and forge their own path into a bright and innovative future. 


They are given a relaxing, peaceful, non-competitive atmosphere in which they can therapeutically express themselves through a visual medium. Research has shown that art therapy can help alleviate depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and various types of trauma. It helps students express complex emotions without using words, commencing in self discovery and the healing process.

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